Hey there, welcome to the boring page about me. Exciting, isn't it?? Well, apparently if you're here, you want to know about the Psycho who lives here. Okay, fine, sure, whatever. Go ahead, my 'me-page' awaits...

AHhHhHhHhhh!! Who (or what) is that ugly blob hugging Brian Jacques?!?!? Oh wait, that's just me. It's okay to look now! Er... Well kind of... I hope it doesn't turn you to stone... Anywho, this is the polaroid of myself with Brian at 'Read me a Story' on the 6th of March in Auburn, California during the 1999 American tour. ::grins:: BJ is so cool, (and really funny). In that picture he was lookin' at the Redwall picture I gave him instead of up at the camera, but that's okay!! Anyhow-- Yes, that's REALLY what I look like, except my bangs and hair is longer now... and I have glasses. ::shudders:: ::grin:: BUT! I also have contacts.

If you care, here's a short bio about Tory, the artist.

Vital Stats:

Full Name: Victoria A. Chang

Species: Human

Backround: Chinese, Irish, Norweigan, German.

E-mail Address(es): ToryofRW@aol.com, FionaS2004@aol.com are my most commonly used ones...

ICQ: 25541222

Nickname(s): Tory, Torto, TorTor. (NO ONE calls me Torto but Amy, GOT THAT??)

Alias(es): Terra, Gilly, Shallyn, Fiona Sleetcoat(INSU), Calleny Warseas(Camp Willow/Holt Riverwake), Ransy(DAB), Astri(Lyissa Clan), M'tairo(Labrynth's Forest), Jalaas(Highlords), Kara Silvera(RS/CPA), and Tory in several forms, including Tory Selenor(PS). Had enough?

DoB: 10/20/86

Age: Figure it out, genious.

Year of the: Tiger

Sign: Libra (:p, I'm a Scorpio at heart)

Religion: Christian-- Methodist (*Sheepish* Tory dun't go ta church much...)

Hair Color: Dark brown w/ some natural red-gold highlights.

Eye Color: Brown-light brown-goldish, and also kinda green.

Height: 5'5 (Almost 5'6!)

Shoe Size: Ten


IRL: Amerz, Dani, Kelly, Mandee, Victoria, Emilie, Ginny, Krista, and numerous others that I didn't name. Oi, it'd take too long...

Online: Scott, Shorey, WyndSong, Mavvy, Jyiiserz, Karma, Roxy, Silas, Brien, Erin (Middendorf), Doo... *takes a deep breath and continues* Bryndri, PacRat, Kyn, Hali, Kelly, Megan, Jordan... ::runs out of breath and collapses:: Notice: I didn't put them in order of 'best friendshipness' but in order of which they came to mind, and if I forgot you, it's because my brain's fried and I gots too many friends. Oi.


Favorite Color(s): Lime green, purple

Number:Well, first it was 4, then it was 6, and then I decided I liked both, so now my favorite number is 24.

Hobbies/Interests: Soccer, drawing, music, reading, soccer, Veggie Tales, drawing, friends, web pages, grafix design, friends... Err.. Did I miss something important like, oh, I dunno... Soccer?

Music/Music Groups/Artists: Ska--(Five Iron Frenzy, Supertones...), Jars of Clay, Seal, Smashmouth, Sixpence None the Richer, Dave Matthews Band, Third Eye Blind, GooGoo Dolls, Jewel, and uh... I dunno, do I like KoRn? Phil Collins!! Vonda Sheperd??? (How the hay do you spell that lady's name?)

Songs/Soundtracks: Slide/Iris-- GooGoo Dolls, Suckerpunch/Dandelions/Super Powers/Pants Rock Opera-- Five Iron Frenzy, Flood-- Jars of Clay, Kiss from a Rose-- Seal, Mafia, Allstar-- Smashmouth, Kiss Me-- Sixpence N.t.R., Crush-- Dave Matthews Band, Hands/Down So Long/Painters/Foolish Games/etc.-- Jewel. ~ Tarzan Soundtrack, Dawson's Creek Soundtrack, City of Angels Soundtrack.

Movies:Tarzan, MiB, Independence Day, Midsummer Night's Dream, My Best Friend's Wedding, Step Mom, Broken Arrow, Mulan, and of course, the StarWars Trilogy.

Just Stuff: Taco Bell/Dell Taco, Furcadia, Yerf, Elfwood, good web pages, ICQ, Revamps, Redwall, cats, rats, rabbits, dragons, other fantasy creatures, plushies, Pokemon, Ty Beanies (They're so kyoot!), Goofy, Eeyore, snow, cold weather, Subaru brand cars, scanners, push-pins, socks... Uh.. I'm gettin' a little far... Whoops.

Anything Else

Some stuff I hate: Sushi, Seafood, Racism, Discrimination, Prejudice, put-downs, mean people, homework, yiffy furry art, hentai, pornography, spam, Dad's lectures, losing... Uhmm... And various things.


Cats: Nala, Buttercup, Sandingomm (Sandy), Stormy, Bandit.~~Rats: Oliver(Olly), Tikki.~~Guinea Pig: Bitsy Boodle (she's not really bitsy tho...)~~Dogs: McKenzie, Molly, Kiki.

And this is my Furry-self, which is who I am if you ever talk to me over AIM or ICQ. I thought I'd make up a me-character because although Terra is one of my main RP chars, she's not really me. Here's some stuff about Tory tha fur.

Name: Tory

Species: Panda/raccoon/feline cross.

Hair color: Dark brown w/ natural red-gold highlights.

Fur Color: White with red-brown and purple markings.

Faves: Veggie Tales, Ska, and Soccer.

Description: Stands 5'5 with shoulder length hair, usually wearing a green head band, overly baggy pants, and tank-tops, hooded sweatshirts, or tees. Likes bamboo, tacos, and spicy food. Forearms and feet to mid-calf are purple and has purple panda-spots over her eyes. Long, fluffy, striped tail. Seen scarcely on FluffMUCK as alias Gilly.

See? I toldja it was boring. Oh well, too bad.

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