Tha Froggat Adoption Agency!


  Da Froggat Spot
Hello over there! Welcome to the Froggat Adoption Agency! Pleaze make yaself at home. I be Gilly, I run thiz place, and hey, guess what? I'm a Froggat too~! 'Cept I'm an anthro Froggat rather than a regular one... Anyway. Thiz be the place you're lookin' for if you wanna find a kyoot kreeture to grace ya web page. I reccomend you use Netscape when viewing this page, because otherwise some of the graphics are bound to come out fuzzy. :p  

What ta do:

What is a Froggat?

Come here to see the rules of adopting a Froggat.

Come here to see the current 'adoptees'... These poor Froggats need a home!

Coming soon-- An area where you can create your own froggat, or make yourself a froggat avatar, and I'll draw it. How's that sound? Fun? No? Eh, too bad, I try. :)

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