Yodels and hello there! This is *my* favorite section because this is the collection of other peoples renditions of my characters. I just love this kinda thing! And it's more than likely that if you draw a pic for me, I'll return the favor! By the way, I have a whole ton of pictures others did for me to put up, but I'm rather busy, so I'll try to do it as soon as I can. Don't think I forgot about you!

These are pictures of Terra by others... She seems to be tha most drawn, so I made her her own section. =)


The first person ever to draw Terra other than my self, was my very dear friend Kei! Hugz Kei! I owe him so many pics it's not funny!


A nice piccy by Snitter! I owe her a picture tew-- the first one I did stunk! Thankyou Snits! Snitter's (C) her talented self.


A neato pickchure oof Terra by my good bud Jyiis! (Or Melody Lu. ~_^). Sankyoumuch!


A really nice picture of Terra by another great artist- Tracy Butler! Thankyou!! I worship your art! (But you already knew that, hehee) I have the original framed next to Josie Bowler's rendition of Terra. ;)


A cool pic of Terra and Robin Redcoat jumping into battle by my friend Scott! Thankees! I owe ya a pic.


Nifty pic of Terra by me bud Shorestar! Gracias! =p


I found that picture by Josie Bowler! Isn't it kewlios? The original is hanging up in my room! Next to the one done by Tracy! Ooh, and they both have letters by them!! (I'm such a fan girl, hehe)

These are pics of any other character I have that was drawn by another person. =) Thankyou all!


A spiffin' piccy of Xen again by my friend Jyiis! I need ta do her a pic yesh... =p


A pic I requested of my buddy Scott of my evil ermine character Fiona Sleetcoat. He portrayed her well, don't you think?


A purty piccy of Cass by DoodLes (Meike Thomas)! Sankyou!! It's spiffy!


Doo's first try at drawin' my furry-self. It's a nifty picture, just don't look much like me. ;) Das okay tho.


Doo's SECOND piccy of me! Wowsa! Thankyas so much! I love et, es so purdee!!


YAY!!! Me by Erin Middendorf! YAY! HAPPY! Thankyou so much!! Es luvely!

All characters shown on this page are (C) me, and aren't to be used without my divine permission! =) Do not steal, alter or distort any of these pics because they aren't mine and were generously drawn for me by othe people and my friends!

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