The Knights of Redwall

Welcome weary traveler! Welcome to Redwall! My name is Terragon de Asphodel Nightsun, or Terra as I like to be called. I'm a hare of course. As a knight of Redwall, it is a privilege to be first to greet you. Please make yourself comfortable at this abbey, for all but the evil are allowed here. Ths page is still under construction, but you may still look around. There will soon be much to see here, such as a library where you can find poems and stories to read, and also a kitchen where there will soon be a book of Redwall recipes.

Might I add, so that I don't confuse you, I am only the keeper of this page, our leader is Sir Kei the Honorable. Although he is a fox, he is a great friend, loyal and trustworthy, as well as a fine leader. Sadly however, he's away and will not be back for a good time. So he's put Sir Robin Redcoat in charge of our little guild for awhile. Robin is also a very nice fox, and I'm sure he'll make a great leader. That's all I've got ter say! You kin look around now. (e-mail me here:

See the members of our jolly little guild on the Roster!

Go look at literature written by the Knights of Redwall in the Library!

Go see the display of Redwall art drawn by the Knights in the Knight's Gallery!

Go see the collection of Redwall recipes in the Kitchen!

The Library

Nothing here yet! But if you're a knight, you can e-mail me any literature you have here.

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The Knight's Gallery.

From here you can chose to see a specific person's art. Here are the galleries to choose from:


Me, (Terra)



That's it so far, there'll be more up soon.

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Art from Kei:

Sir Kei the Honorable, Grand Master of the Knights of Redwall. (self portrait)

Sage, a mossflower hare.

Hon Cally and AnnAcorn, Knights of Redwall.

Terra (myself) and Sage, Knights of Redwall.

Cally, playing a sad tune on her flute...

Lady Streamvixen, Kei's evil mother.

Dark Kei: what Kei would probably look like if he were a Dark Knight.

Terra (me), although it's a nice picture, the markings are a little incorrect.

Lady Auburn, the Mousemage, The mage who taught magic to Kei and I.

Kei and Cally, reunited at last.

Rudder, Kei's otter friend

Hon Cally, Knight of Redwall and late Long Patrol hare.

Kei and Cally kiss...

Kei in abbey clothes...

Kei with his swords...

Redwall Trio: Kei, Cally, and AnnAcorn

Abbess Snowdrop of Redwall Abbey

Erin the Swordmaker: mouse swordmaker and artist

Cap'n Twayblade! A hare friend of Kei's...

Mariel of Redwall. (C) Brian Jaques

An unamed ferret...

Ferret corsair sisters Sienna and Terra Treewake.


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Art from Terra:

RoseThorn This yound hare is from Redwall Abbey, here, and she requested me to do this portrait of her.

Bloodspray the Traitor Nasty fellow, this one. Black Fox with bone white eyes, very terrifying I should say!

Xenralai A character of Tory's. She's kind of like a wolf, but her species is known as a Skifter.

Luna an awfully nice gypsy rabbit. I did this picture for her.

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The Kitchen

Nothing here yet either! But Knights, turn in any recipes you find to me here.

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And much thanx to Kelly for letting me use this music for this page.

Redwall, and other books of the series is (C) Brian Jaques, and this page has no affiliation with the author himself. The Knights of Redwall was created and based on the imagination of Sir Kei the Honorable, and the KoR page was created and is maintained by Tory Chang or Terra. Any art and or graphics are (C) their owners, and characters are (C) their respective players, so pleased o not steal graphics or use characters without the owner/creator's consent. Thankyou.