Wuzzah Froggat?

What's a Froggat you ask? Well I'm going to try to re-explain it because AOL just completely screwed up and erased this page as it was before. Although right now I'd like to completely mutilate my computer, I will try to refrain from doing so best I can as I re-write the essence of a Froggat onto this blank HTML form. Anyway. Onto an explaination for you.

A Froggat is a cute little creature who formed from my imagination about two months or so ago. (Some time in April). They are a mix of frog and feline, with atleast one pair of webbed digits (front or back), either pointed or rounded ears, several different fur patterns, and infinite colors.

What determines the markings is the type of feline the froggat has. If it were part leopard, it'd have leapord spots and a long, sleek tail that ended in a flat tip, and rounded ears. If it's mixed with a long haired house cat, it would have pointy ears and a fluffy tail with two colors. Get what I'm saying?

Colors have nothing to do with breed.  


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