NOTE!!! Due to recent loss of a screen name that was VITAL to this webpage (Thanks AOL, ya assholes!), Most of my image links are broken and all of the thumbnails, so if my site looks like crap right now, that's why!!! I will also be removing most of my old art in hopes of scanning new stuff. Therefor, until I get everything fixed and up, the only place to go for new art is my Elfwood spot which you can get to down thar. I still take requests and stuff, but like I always say, I dunno how soon I'll get it done. I've lost alot of the descriptions with my aol account, so if you asked me to do a request a while ago, and I haven't done it, e-mail me again, OKAY?? Thanks all, go see my Elfwood gallery.

'Ello over thar and welcome to my odd little world! In case you haven't figured it out already, I would be Tory, and I'm an artist, specifically interested in the genre of furry. Let's just make it clear that if you don't like art of any kind at all, you can beat it. IF you *do* like art than enjoy your stay at my personal asylum. And don't mind me, I may be insane, but at least I'm that friendly kind of psycho, eh? Enjoy!

This page is ALWAYS under construction... Last Update was 10/20/99.

Happy Birthday to ME!!! (10/20) Whoohoo!!

My Furry Code
FUP[Mixed with generic feline and raccoon]2ad/LHm3dr A++++ C- D H++ M P++ R++ T++ W Z- !S RLA/CT/LW/M/U a- cn+ d? e-- f+ h* iwf+++ j* p++ !s

"Holy Cheese and Dancin' Fishes!"

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Comments, Questions, and heck, even critism is welcome! Also, my ICQ number is 2554122, with the handle "Shallyn24." I love to chat so you can talk to me anytime!

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I promise if ya sign mah guest book, I'll return the favor, promise, yiss!

Thanx to Kelly for the cool music!

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Oh, and everything on this page unless utherwise sed be (C) to ME! Tory Chang, nat YOU! And yiss, I do know how to spell, but I LIKE ta talk funky-likes!