Hya! This be tha updates section of my asylum! This will be the page to check out to see what's been added, changed, or other. The dates go from most recent at the top, to changed made awhile ago. So sorry this page is quite so boring, but what can ya do?

11/5/99~ Yuk. I'm sick. I hate being sick. It's horrible. ::hacking cough:: Anyway. No real updates. New stuff on Elfwood as of 10-20 (Which was also my birthday-- Happy birthday to me!! Thanks for the wonderful sketchbook/prismas/smudge-sticks/piccies from me good buddy Jyiiserz, and the pertyful pic from, Catra!!! :) Sorry Erin, that I sent yer sucky birthday present so late- did you even get it? Happy late birthday again to you-(10-10). As I was sayin before heh-- LOTS of new pictures at the 'wood. Plenty of humans (evil cackle), so go see, hmm? Oh yah and, remember how I said my mum was moving to 'Vegas? Well, now it's Maryland. Even farther away- ain't that just PEACHY!! ::fumes:: Well. Bye.

8/29/99~ Gah, that pisses me off. They double bannered me. Ah well, I deserved it, I'm not paying for my Tripod use. ::sighs:: And school starts tomorrow. What a drag. And my mom left for Las Vegas today. Even worse. Atleast she finally got a job. Yeah, Las Vegas. Perminantly most-likely. Jack Asses on the school board wouldn't know a great teacher if she was standin' on their noses! ::grrrss:: I hate those stupid people. Can you tell? *sigh* I'm in a really bad mood. But, there are some new pictures in the Elfwood Gallery. Run yerself over there and take a look. Eyff you leave some comments, I might feel a little better. Thanks Erin for trying to cheer me up. Yer a real pal. *hugz*

8/25-26/99~ Notice anything different? The tripod pop-up closes by itself! Isn't that spiffy? Thanks to Catra for giving me that link to the 'No More Pop-ups!' page, I really appreciate it. Also, you may have noticed that my bounce.to/myasylum URL doesn't work anymore. It's now "http://explode.to/myasylum". Wanna know why? Because the people at V3-URL are jerks and put a pop-up on my page!! Grrr. So, I've switched to explode.to because I just have to use a button. :) I'm thinking of moving to Skunked.com or maybe Furnation. What do alla you think? It WOULD be a hassel, but sometimes tripod gets weird on me so...
Anyway, onto the real updates--

Two new links added in the links section~ Chaotix's Realm and Silas's new homepage. Go take a look! Also added a banner for the link to Erin's Page of Stuff.

Furry Art for Others: Added 't-lilkit.jpg' and 't-azaroth.jpg'.

Pics 4 Me!: Added two pics by Doo, 'd-tory.jpg' and 'd-tory2.jpg' as well as one pic by Erin M., 'em-tory.jpg'.

Requests Etc.: I added a spiffio form to the Commissions section of my webpage. I've improved greatly and think I'm good enough to do commissions (in my not-so-humble opinion, hehehe...), so I've made that section look more... Can I say professional? Go take a look, you won't be disappointed.

Spiffin'! Go take a look now!

8/19/99~ Added the Awards page!! Updated all the links on all the pages. Go apply for my award! 'kay? Didja see mah Furry Code? Updates in the about me section (but not much) not to mention, "Holy Cheese and Dancin' Fishes!"... Well, Holy, and not so holy... I'm still workin' on the Froggat Project.. tho it's been delayed... Hrmmm...Oh yah! And a few little changed on my Requests Etc. page.

8/17/99~ Aint it obvious? I put up connecting links, and a new banner, and also some new links on my Links page. I have a new linking banner for my web page that you can use to put on yours. It's more like a little button rather than a banner.

8/12-13/99~ I think this could be considered the 13th since it's around midnight... Well, As you might've noticed, I added a new banner, and the following pictures were put up:

Furry Art for Others: dbanimec.jpg, qtding-nd.jpg, erinfpos.jpg, karpgmax.jpg.

My Furry Char Pics: gilpozec.jpg, torysk1.jpg

That's all. I've been busy, but atleast I got some pics up, hmm? Got 4 pics inked the other day (for other people) and I have two more requests to finish. No more news, now, I'm off to bed!

7/21/99~ Well, at this moment, I'm working on replacing the words at the top with the section buttons, and if you're lucky, I might get the About Me page up today ;). That's about it, me thinks, I might take down some old art today, but nothing relatively new is scanned, except for my furry-self picture.

7/15/99~ Heya! Notice some changes? Eh? Yup! I got buttons which flip over and become banners for the top of alla my pages. Purty cool, eh? I'm workin' on taking down pics, but I haven't had time to put anything up. New stuff in the Elfwood Gallery. (Trying to make my page nice and presentable for when I apply to Yerf sometime in the future.) Please comment, I'd like to hear what people have to say, eh? Do you like the changes I made? Does it look like crap? Do you not have a clue what I'm talking about? Eh. More work on The Froggat adoption Agency, and I'm getting ready to put up the About Me page. I'll be gone for 5 days, so see you again< on the 20th! :)

6/12/99~ I really do have some renovating to do with this page. I worked on the requests and other info page, putting the info about picture swaps and complimentary pictures on that. Working on "About me" page, and coming soon: Adopt-a-Froggat! My wonderful creations: the Froggats! Adopt one of these adorable furs to grace your page! (SOON! Really! I promise!)

5/12/99~ Oy, school work sucks. Well, I updated the links page, adding "The Cliffs", "The Revamps Comic Book", and "Little Mischief Productions." Also gave banner to the sites I neglected to give them to even though they had them... Will add pics when I have time. Thanks! =)

4/30/99~ Sorry for neglecting the page guys. I was gone in Hawai'i for a whole week, and when I came back... well, school's a drag. Haven't really had time lately. Added the info on requests and other things page, go check it out! I do commissions now, but only to pay for more art supplies to replace the prismas I lost. =(. More art coming up!

4/8/99~ Added a banner you can use if you want to put a link on your page to mine... Made new and MUCH better thumbnails for all the art pages, added them shortly after.

4/5/99~ Added the "My Characters" artwork section, and put together a links page. Put some pics up in the Misc. section, and created the "Pics 4 Me" area. Added a guestbook.

4/4/99~ Creation of "Tory's Odd Little World," made updates page, and "Pictures for uthers" section. Working links include the mentioned sections, link to elfwood, and mail link. Put up a counter, and added music to the main page.

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