Heyla! So your interested in getting a picture from yours' truly? Arright, well, this is the place for you! You can look at the following sections:

Requests~ The basic picture, this is where you go if you don't want an original.

Commissions~ A picture how you want it where you pay me $ to send you the original. High quality. (Don't worry, I don't dent your pocketbooks too badly. Actually, I'm really cheap!)

Prints~ Hand or otherwise copies of b/w or colored pictures that you pay me less $ to send you.

Picture Swaps~ You like to draw? Hey, guess what? So do I! Come here to find out more.

Complimentary~ Yes, sometimes I do complimentary pictures for people. Either because they're my friend, it's their birthday, or they've done something nice for me. These are the disclaimers.

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Heyla, did you want to request a picture from moi? Well, yeah, it's free, but I may not get around to it for a while. And there's two things I ask of you when I do a request. A: Be patient, these things take time. And B: please, either sign my guestbook, or put a link to my site on yours if you have one. Both is good too! When sending a request, try to make it as detailed as possible. I'll need your name, or alias so I know what to mark for the copyright info, and include everything down to the smallest hair. When you've done the description, e-mail me here and I'll get back to you ASAP!


Yo thar! This is the place to come if you want to commission a picture from me. I do commissions only so that I can buy more art supplies, (some gouache would be nice and some watercolored pencils and some Prismacolor markers, and...) It's also for any other art supplies that might help me improve my art. Err, and not to mention I'm saving up to get some purple contacts (which are $86 every three months!!)

Any pose (as long as I can handle it,) and one character- colored, I only charge $7.00. Per extra character is $.75 and if you want a group-poster type picture that's $15, again depending on how many characters. B/w pictures are $5.00 for one character, and $.25 per extra character. These prices include shipping, which basically comes out of my pocket. All colored pictures are inked with 'jet black india' and my dip pens, or my calligraphy pens, so it's of high quality and I make sure to get your approval of a scanned sketch before I proceed to ink & color. The Media is mostly of your choice. I do have other color pencils, just not as nice as my prismas. I've experimented in pastels, watercolor, markers, and done shading as well. A high quality shaded piece will be around $2.00. If you want a backround on any of your pictures, specify and describe in great detail or provide me with a picture. I charge $2.00 extra for a backround. Okay, now that you have the info, fill out this form:

*Comes normally with any color/bw pic

**$0.25 extra

***$0.50 extra

****$0.75 extra


Your full name:
Your email address:
Are there any net accessible pictures of your character on the web? If so, what's the URL?:
How many characters do you want in your picture?:
Describe your character(s) in detail:

What kind of picture do you want?:
  Black and White

Do you want a backround?:

What media(s) do you want used in your picture?(COLOR):
  *Colored pencil
  ****Colored ink (kinda like marker, but better. Must choose another option to go w/ it)

What type of pen/pencil do you want used for your picture?(BW/Shaded):
  *Drawing Pencils
  *Felt-tipped pens
  **Micron pen
  ***Dip pens/Calligraphy pens

Anything Else I forgot put here:


Prints are copies of original artwork that you can purchase. Right now, the only prints I will do are black and white, and those are:




These are both extremely high quality, and a print is $3.00 to pay for the cost of regenerating them. If you are interested in a print of either, e-mail me here. If you're interested in buying an original piece that you've seen on my site, contact me and we'll arrange something.

Picture Swaps

This is probably your best choice of the three. =) For one, you get your picture faster than you would with a request, and hey, you get on my better side because pic swaps are alot nicer than requests! Anyway, there are four steps to my version of the art trade: 1. You e-mail me asking to do a pic swap with me-- you include the description of the character you want me to draw because you ASUME that I'll do the pic swap. 2. Hey, of course I'll do the trade. I reply saying how busy I am and about how soon I can get it to you. 3.I draw the picture, and I e-mail you back saying I'll give it to you, but you have to give me a picture in return-- of one of my characters. 4. You reply with a nicely put together picture of one of my characters-- (No, you don't have to be an art genious, but TRY), and I post it on my page. 4. I give you your lovely picture and we're all happy! Simple enough? No? Too bad. ;) Follow those steps and hey! We gotta trade! If you seriously suck at art, or don't have a scanner, I accept other stuff too, like music (If you like to compose MIDIs) or maybe you could just tell a couple of friends about me, (Don't forget to sign my guestbook and put a link to my page on yours if you have one!)

Complimentary Pictures

Yes, I do sometimes do pictures for people and not ask anything in return, and these are some of the reasons WHY:

* They're my friends and hey, friends deserve pictures

* It's that person's birthday

* I worship their art or think their characters are exceptionally cool.

* They've done something nice/helpful for me, cheered me up on days I feel horrible, or talk to me just because.

* I'm bored in class and end up doodling their characters for no particular reason...

Sometimes even though the picture for them was under one of these categories, people end up drawing me a return picture anyway! (Like DoodLes! Wow, 3 pictures, I'm honored!). I LOVE pictures from other people, really I do.

That should cover most of it... No, I don't do pictures for people just because they e-mail/IM/ICQ me and say "Hey, your art's cool, can I have a picture?" I would treat that as a request. "Hey, thanks, I'm glad you think my art's cool, but if you want a picture e-mail me." Wanna be my friend? Hey! You can be my friend! Talk to me alot instead of sitting on my ICQ/AIM list after talking to me once, OKAY? Shew. And one more thing-- DON"T TRY TO WEASEL PICTURES OUTTA ME! It gets annoying. Just go to that lovely section on this window called "Requests" and follow the directions, alrighty? Thankyou.