Heyyo! Dis be tha place ta come if ya want to see pics I've done of my own characters (which I must say number few-- pictures of them I mean), or characters that I've drawn but have no names yet! The oldest pictures are on top, and the newer ones towards the bottom.E-mail me with comments, kay?


Ergh, this be Fiona Sleetcoat, my main vermin Redwall character. THis es REALLY OLD. Like from, last year. But it's pretty good considering that. I just needed a pic of Fiona up here.


My "Skifter" (egh, I won't bother explaining), char Xenralai, in her day morph. Skifters tha species be (C) Kellly Hamilton, but Xen's (C) me. Another really old pic.


An old character of mine that I finally got around to drawing. A squirrel with a cyberarm (her left arm got chopped off elbow down), from a futuristic Redwall club. This was my first ever try at computer coloring. Still pretty old.


A dragon/raptor type creature that I just started drawing one day. Gee, another oldy.


One of my more disgustingly-rot-your-teeth sweet pics. First ever with dip pens, done around Easter.


Still kinda old-- but newly put up, full body picture of Gilly, my Froggat-self. When (and if) I get my Froggat Adoption Agency up, you'll learn more about 'em.


More recent sketch of my Furry-self wearing my glasses. ::winces:: Yuky glasses. They look much better on Tory-fur than me, that's for sure. This isn't really a good picture of Tory-fur herself, because this pic of her makes her look WAY too skinny. I try to make her look a bit more like myself, and this is a bad example of it.

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