Hya! This is my rather empty awards page. The only reason why this is up, is because I recently made an award of my own. Most of the time I just give this out to my friends, as I've done already with a couple people, but if you happen by my page and I don't know you, then you'll have to apply for it if you want it. I do have one award of my own, actually from Shorestar, but I've yet to put it up, I think I'll wait until I apply for some other ones, because I'm lazy. Anyhow, if you want my award, fill out the form below and I'll look over you page and see if I like it enough to give you an award ;).

Here's a sample of my award:

Here's the Form:

"Tory's O-Fish-al Award of Spiffyness

Your name (or alias):
Your email address:

Your Webpage URL:

What's your webpage's theme?:
Why do you think you should get this award?:
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People who've recieved my award:

*Karma Leafbarer aka Katie Popp ~

*Erin Middendorf ~ >Erin's Page of Stuff!

*PacRat aka Jennifer Rodriguez (did I spell that right?)~°¤ ¥ª®zz ¤°

Others like Shorestar and Catra have already earned my award but I haven't given it to them yet, so I'm not going to put their names here yet. I can't think of anything else to say, so you can leave now.

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