Incase you didn't already figure it out, this is the section where I stick all the pictures I've done for uther people. I think I'm gonna have the most here than anywhere. Alot of these are old pics, so try not to pay *too* much attention to quality. You can find the more recent ones towards the bottom. Anyway, onto the scribbles!


A request pic of Bloodspray the Traitor, (C) himself. One of the first request pics I ever did.


Picture of Eve who's (C) herself. Nice artist she es. =) An older request based off her original description.


Picture for my friend Shorestar, 'nuther artist. (C) Erin Lewis. ::wavies ta Shorestar::


A picture of Silvereye the wolf who I knew at the old Redwall Club "Sampetra- INSU". She's (C) herself.


An old pic of Kynliod Dewphire, (C) the talented Josie Bowler.


Picture of Luna for the excellent artist Tracy Butler. =) Heyla! Got a pic of Sly too. =)


Ember the Hare, also for and (C) Josie Bowler. I did this for her when she left Yerf. Sorry for the bad quality-- erk. That's what ya get when ya only got pens around the house. =(.


It was my friend Ben's birthday-- here he is as an otter.


One 'a my favorite furry artists had a b-day! Here's a picture for ya PacRat!


"Enough with tha birthday pics!" y'say? Well this be tha last one- for Anise! Another kewl artist! (C) Ainsley Seago. Sorry for the bad quality-- I'm bad at mice.


DoodLes char Dooky da Koo Iguana! Dooky an' Lickygum be (C) Meike Thomas. =) I met her fairly recently over ICQ, really nice! :)


A better drawin' of Chespi for Erreeen 'cuz tha uther one sucked. Derr. I likes dis one doa! Here's Chespi inna Swimmasuit with a towel an' some sunscreen! Hyas Erin! ::wave::


Second drawing (first posting) of Dingbat and she still looks bad. Okay, so I was under the influence of markers and anime at the time, canya blame me? I lost me prismas and so I was using markers! Well uhm... Hyper looking Dingy in the traditional anime pose.


Third drawing (second posting) of Dingbat-- she looks even worse. But Neady's cute no? *gryn* Aww, ya sucha kyoot sqwirrley boy. Ergh. That's what happens when ya try to draw and color from scratch. Phoo. ::wavies ta them:: but et's a kyoot idea, yiss?


My second or third drawing of Erin and my only decent one of the group. ::shruggs:: Well, the other one I liked too, but looked more like the old ErinFox than the new one. This 'un es all right, considerings I had na khaki colored pencil and had to try to blend three different colors to make one and STILL dinnit get the color I wanted. Oh how I wish I had photoshop. :p


Dis is one of the many, but not posted pictures I've done of Kit. Isn't he just sooo adorable??? Kit assa kitten! Hehehe... Et's the OshKosh Series. Kit is of course (C) the spifferific Erin Middendorf!


A pic I did about to months early for m'pal Karma as a gift for her an' Max's anniversary. Et's not the most romantic of 'em, but 'tis cute. :) Have a good one Karma.


Part of a piccy trade with Renee LeCompte. This is her char Azaroth, and I thought he was so cool that I had ta draw him! Doesn't he look spiffy? The awesome Az from the Chronicals of Tallon is (C) Renee LeCompte.

2 pics for DoodLes to be posted soon, 1 for Hali, and another for Catra. Also 3 request/trades to be posted shortly. Stay tuned!

All chars on dis page be (C) der respectful players and aren't to be used! SO THERE!

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